LCS Combined Heat & Power Units

Low Carbon Solutions supply CHP units across UK and Ireland.  LCS offer an extensive range of units designed to meet all your Heat and Power requirements.  The units offer excellent return on investment with state of the art control giving you energy efficiency at a reasonable cost.

Low Carbon Solutions are one of the leading specialists in the production and operation of CHP equipment with an output range of 38kWe to 2MWe.

The CHP units are based on reciprocating combustion engines, which are adjusted to burn natural gas, renewable bio-gas, biodiesel, and landfill gas.

The units are available in either an internal sound attenuated enclosure or as an external containerised option.

Unit Range

Small Scale Combined Heat & Power

CHP units with power output from 38 - 2000 kW

For example, an LCS unit 100kWe unit fuelled by standard natural gas shows an annual saving of 1500 tonnes of CO2 when compared to conventional electricity generation and heat supplied from gas-fired boilers.



Combined Heat & Power Maintenance

Low Carbon Solutions offer Combined Heat & Power maintenance throughout UK & Ireland for all the major engine suppliers of Cogeneration products such as TEDOM, Perkins, MAN, Mercedes, and Caterpillar. We offer varying levels of support dependent upon your need and budget and offer contracts with varying timescales.

A core strength has been the development our real time, remote control and monitoring system which can be retro-fitted to virtually any CHP system which uses open protocols that allow customers to choose the right maintenance partner for their operations.

Currently most suppliers tie customers into long term contracts which are often inflexible and expensive which we strongly disagree with. Rather we take the view it is better to work for and with the customer to deliver maximum benefit to both parties as this ensures ongoing success for all involved. To that end we offer a two pronged approach:

  1. We can, if you wish, retrofit a universal control system to your Cogeneration Set, give you a copy of the software and program so that in the unlikely event you want to change your maintenance provider you can do so without having to pay punitive penalty rates.
  2. We offer a monthly reporting system which itemises savings in both financial and environmental terms in a clear unambiguous format.