New £500k Manufacturing Plant Boosts Low Carbon Solutions Growth Plans

July 2014, Low Carbon Solutions Ltd has moved into a new manufacturing facility outside Larne that will consolidate its position as the leading UK based supplier of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solutions to companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

CHP allows companies to reclaim over 80% of the energy used from generating electricity as both heat and power compared to less than 50% from just electricity and is an important component in the drive to create more energy efficient buildings.

Low Carbon Solutions has moved into the manufacture of CHP systems following continued success across both the UK and Ireland with a client base spanning both the public and private sectors. With 12 full time employees and a £1m turnover, the new facility, which was supported by a grant from the rural development programme, is seen as a springboard for future growth for the company.

“This is such an important milestone for the company since it gives us far more control over the systems we supply and allows us to deliver a more bespoke solution that matches customer needs, and ultimately make us a stronger competitor in what has become an important market both in the UK and across Europe,” comments Stephen Lyle, Chief Executive Officer of Low Carbon Solutions.

“We’ve also been able to benefit from a very strong local infrastructure in Northern Ireland both for recruiting skilled employees and financing our new facility,” adds Lyle.

“We’re delighted to be able to support what we see as a key emergent technology for the future and extend Low Carbon Solutions commitment to the region which has a well earned reputation for excellence in technology and manufacturing,” adds Cllr Billy Henry, North-East Region Rural Development Programme Chairperson.

About Low Carbon Solutions

The company was formed in 2004 and originally provided consultancy services for larger companies looking to improve their use of energy whilst saving money and reducing their carbon footprint.  Initial success saw the company move into supplying complete CHP solutions and related services such as biomass heating systems whilst building up the capability to service and maintain these services from a network of three offices in the UK and Ireland.  Currently over 80 customers and over 100 CHP systems are used by local government authorities, leisure centres, Hotels, universities, schools, hospitals, residential housing associations, care homes and water treatment authorities. Low Carbon Solutions has developed an industry leading maintenance capability offering remote diagnostics and detailed reporting on operational performance and increasingly is looking to supply bespoke solutions for customers that incorporate best of breed technologies.